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How to become the next erotica bestseller by selling wayt more books than you ever thought possible in the next 21 days

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  • Why is erotica so hot
  • Getting a story
  • Getting an Amazon account
  • Winning keyword research
  • Writing compelling description
  • Creating a title that sells
  • Uploading your first erotica to Amazon KDP Select
  • Creating an Amazon Author Central Page
  • Action guide


WSO Name: Erotica Decoded
WSO #: 923004

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Discover How To “Crack The Code” of Marketing Your Kindle Books…

Download [Kindle – 500+ Sold] How To Get 20,000 Free Downloads in 24 Hours and Hundreds of Sales Afterwards!

  • The one thing I did in my promotion that resulted in Amazon promoting this book and all my other titles by the same author name, immediately after my free promotion concluded
  • The importance of knowing your why setting goals in your Kindle business and adopting a business model are essential
  • The niches that even Amazon has identified as profitable Kindle niches now and in the foreseeable future
  • How to find your Kindle market and identify your ideal readers
  • How to research a niche to find the profitable sub-niches within your chosen top-level niche
  • How to use the data you gather to produce your own Kindle bestseller
  • The most effective “Verified Review” Getting Strategy
  • The semi-free KDP Select Cracked Advanced promotion tactic
  • The paid KDP Select Cracked Advanced promotion tactic


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90% of book authors fail to promote their book because they don’t have the time or money to do so – with crowdfunding, someone is giving you $10,000 to ramp up promotions, giving yourself an edge over most all authors!

Download ***WSOTD*** $9,470 In Crowdfunding Money In 30 Day

  • Understanding the crowdfunding platforms
  • Setting up your campaign
  • Establishing your goals
  • Determining how you’ll use the money you’ll receive from your crowdfunding campaign
  • Putting together the perks
  • Offering in person perks
  • The importance of video in a crowdfunding campaign
  • Creating an attention grabbing pitch
  • Creating maximum buzz
  • Finding members of your team
  • Establishing the length of your campaign
  • Important things to do during the campaign
  • The GOGOfactor
  • Connecting with your backers via updates
  • How to maximize your exposure after the campaign
  • How to get your hands on the money you’ve ammassed
  • How to deliver perks to your backers


WSO Name: Crowdfunding Authors Manifesto
WSO #: 1007269

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